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Right to Refuse
AWPS at retains the right to refuse to accept your offer to care for your pets or any other services specified at your request. Possible reasons for refusal include unsafe animals, unsafe environment, and availability.

Returning Home Late or Early
Occasionally, a client is delayed in leaving the first day or they arrive home early and forget to notify us. WHEN YOU ARRIVE HOME CALL OUR PHONE NUMBER FIRST THING. You may call our messaging service at any hour. If you are delayed in returning home, we have a rollover policy. Unless we hear otherwise from the client, one visit is skipped to give the client the opportunity to get home. Thereafter, if we still have not received a check-in call from the client, we will automatically continue making visits until we get a check-in call. These unscheduled visits are charged as “Late Notice” rates.

Overnight Service
We do not provide overnight services.

Job Sharing
Due to liability concerns, the safety of our pet sitters, and the safety of your home and pets we cannot job share with your family and friends.

Guest Staying in Your House
We politely decline to provide pet sitting services if you have family or guests staying in your home while you (the homeowner) are out of town.

Emergency Contacts
How can we reach you while you are gone? Please do not leave this information in your house. Be certain that we have a primary copy in-hand before you leave town. Leaving this information in your house for the sitter's first visit is not a good idea. If for some reason the pet sitter is unable to get into the house the information will be useless. We may then have to order the services of a locksmith to enter the home and the client will be responsible for the full bill that will include the locksmith's fee and our fee of $75.00. For your convenience please use our online forms. We will have all of your necessary information at one time.

Leaving Non-Contracted Animals
Please do not leave someone else's pet at your house for pet sitting without notifying us first. We are only contracted to care for your animals. In the event that you need to leave additional animals in your home, call us ahead of time so that we can mail a contract for the pet owner's signature.

No Doggie Door
If you have an elderly dog or puppy locked inside of your home, they usually cannot wait 8 to 12 hours for a potty break. If you do not have a doggie door installed in your home we strongly recommend three visits per day. If the client declines the three visits per day and the pet sitter finds that your pet is having difficulty with two visits per day, we will automatically add the third visit at “Late Notice” rates to be billed to the client upon their arrival home.

Pet Stains
We are not responsible for pet stains on any surface in your home (e.g. counters, carpet, tile, wooden floors or furniture). We will remove solids and soak up fluids, but the removal of any pet stains is the client’s sole responsibility.
Pet Boarding
We are not a pet boarding facility, and we do not take pets into our home for boarding.

Holiday Pet Sitting
A $10.00 surcharge is applied to your bill for working on the following holidays: New Years Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day.

Weather Restrictions
If your pet is housed outside 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, you must still prepare a place for your pet sitter to bring them inside. We will not leave your pet outside in extreme temperatures or severe weather.

Special Requests
Please do not surprise your pet sitter with a special request on the first day. We provide great flexibility to our clients; however, please give notice in advance for special requests - Thank you.

Unlocked Households
On occasion, a homeowner will tell us that they routinely keep their doors unlocked, or a door or window left open, so that their pet can have access to the yard. This is extremely unsafe for our pet sitters. If you have your home set up insecurely please make alternate arrangements. Our pet sitters will not leave any exterior doors or windows open or unlocked.

New Locks or Codes
If your locks or alarm codes have changed, please call us at 515.441.4885 to update your information. If we have to order the services of a locksmith to enter the home, the client is responsible for the full bill that will include the locksmith's fee and our fee of $75.00.

We will NOT pick up or leave keys "under the mat" or the like, and we will not lock the keys in the house on the last day - NO EXCEPTIONS. We strongly recommend that you let us retain your key for future services. We will cut a copy for emergency purposes. At the client’s request both sets will be returned. If you have not scheduled services with us in two or more years your keys will be destroyed and your file will be purged from our database.

Plant Care
We are delighted to help you with light houseplant and yard watering, but we cannot be responsible for the survival of your plants and yard. Our specialty is pet care. If you have extensive plant and yard care, it is better that you hire a separate service.

Household & Pet Supplies
We prefer that our clients leave enough household & pet supplies (e.g. paper towels, trash bags, food, litter, treats, medication); but we do not mind shopping for your supplies if the need arises.

Pet Loss
In the event that an animal dies, and we are unable to reach the client for instructions, we will transport the animal to the client’s veterinarian, where the animal will be held until the client arrives home.

Do You Have Questions?
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